Sunset schraeg

Multipoem: Wach / Awake / Despierto


Meine Luft bist du.
Fülle meine vergessenen Träume,
Bis der Morgen kommt.

Mein Wasser bist du.
Nähre meinen Körper
Wie Essen zu Mittag.

Mein Feuer bist du.
Verbrenne meine Energie
Jeden Abend liebend.


My air you are.
Fill my forgotten dreams
To morning’s arrival.

My water you are.
Feed my body
Like food at noon.

My fire you are.
Burn my energy
Every evening loving.


Eres mi aire.
Llenas mis sueños olvidados
A la llegada de la mañana.

Eres mi agua.
Alimentas mi cuerpo
Como la comida al medio día.

Eres mi fuego.
Quemas mi energía
Cada noche, amor.


Sie ist / She is / Ella es

Sie ist / She is / Ella es

Sie hat einen Namen,
einen uralten Namen,
einen Namen,
den man nicht sagen kann.

Sie ist eine Tat,
eine ewige Tat,
eine Tat,
die man nicht begehen kann.

Sie lebt in einer Zeit,
einer kurzen Zeit,
einer Zeit,
an der man nichts ändern kann.

Sie ist.

She has a name,
An ancient name,
A name,
Which one can not say.

She is an act,
An eternal act,
an act,
Which you can not commit.

She lives in a time,
A short time,
A time,
When you can not change anything.

She is.

Ella tiene un nombre,
un nombre antiguo,
un nombre,
no se puede decir.

Ella es un hecho,
un hecho eterno,
un acto,
usted no puede comprometerse.

Ella vive en un momento
un corto tiempo,
una vez
donde se puede cambiar nada.

Ella es.

Screaming Silence – I, the Realtuber

My people,

I hope you are doing well as I do perfectly. It was one of the best decisions in my life to publish in English. Because now I see how cultural values got lost here in Germany. I write since the age of 12. I promote noncommercial Radioshows since 2003. And I always wondered why there is no feedback. I understand now. Things are global. I am fearless.

If this means I have to read in English or learn Spanish, what I actually do at a public school, I do this. I uploaded nearly 50 videos on my Youtube to now containing Poetry, Performance Art, Jokes, Comedy, Pictures and my whole love to the arts. Its great, how i find feedback there. Youtube can be cool, if its not blinking and screaming at yours. You can be the new medias.

I want you to realize your powers, you can choose if you take a look at the “news”, the new movietrailer or another series, thats ok, but open your eyes to things happening around. You will loose people, but them you win are worth it. 150% worth it. I don’t dare my past a glimpse, but I do dare my future a lot. I am going to Chalchuapa, a city in El Salvador. I find my Mayan Princess and the death I dreamt about. Join Joni – join me, join ourselves.

In full love, J