My Exhibition At Microworksmedia

I remember the days I was photoshooting in “GTA3” and sitting in “Second Life” hotels discussing about poetry. Art has always been part of so called digital revolution. Let me show you an interesting project.

Microworksmedia’s (“Visual authoring resources for brand experience designers”) project is based on the idea of showing digital graphic art in a virtual gallery room. Like in Google Streetview you can turn and zoom your views on digital art made by an independent artist. With including music a real-life gallery experience is created. And you can visit the room from all over the world, as it’s based in web.

Franck, the maker of microworksmedia, also works as an artist and digital designer. He is hosting tutorials about digital design on his homepage, he tells you about meta-realism and tries to bridge the gap from old-fashioned to new media art. Take a look.

When I found his works on Instagram I was fascinated. These galleries are an easy idea, but they are realized in a lovely, contemporary and on-time way. So I followed his page giving some feedback. I was really happy when he asked: We would like to feature your work, is this ok? Sure it is! I was honoured.

So I can hereby proudly announce my first digital exhibition. Find it here, or click on pics in this article, it will be online minimum a week. Franck chose mainly abstract mirrorart designs, but you will also find some opart and photoedits. I want to thank him gratefully and also Mary alias momfrantz_fx for giving permission to use some of her original pics as part of editing challenges. 

I would be happy about any feedback, which makes me grow with my art. I am really proud I could take this step into public and I would never have believed what apps like mirrorlab and groups like fx_hdr, bpa_arts or lightedlight would make with me and my art. I started photography and digital editing one and a half year ago, now I am exhibiting and planning next steps. 

I hope you enjoy the fun. Thanks for all your love, help and feedback. The new world is conquered, and it is as beautiful as we believe the past must have been. Find all my works in my Instagram.

Sunset schraeg

Multipoem: Wach / Awake / Despierto


Meine Luft bist du.
Fülle meine vergessenen Träume,
Bis der Morgen kommt.

Mein Wasser bist du.
Nähre meinen Körper
Wie Essen zu Mittag.

Mein Feuer bist du.
Verbrenne meine Energie
Jeden Abend liebend.


My air you are.
Fill my forgotten dreams
To morning’s arrival.

My water you are.
Feed my body
Like food at noon.

My fire you are.
Burn my energy
Every evening loving.


Eres mi aire.
Llenas mis sueños olvidados
A la llegada de la mañana.

Eres mi agua.
Alimentas mi cuerpo
Como la comida al medio día.

Eres mi fuego.
Quemas mi energía
Cada noche, amor.

kalaz – trapico EP released

kalaz – trapico EP

dubby, electronic, contemporary




thx4support: Jessica Marisol Flores, Kristiane Macke & my parents.



All tunes downloadable. Appreciate!


Sie ist / She is / Ella es

Sie ist / She is / Ella es

Sie hat einen Namen,
einen uralten Namen,
einen Namen,
den man nicht sagen kann.

Sie ist eine Tat,
eine ewige Tat,
eine Tat,
die man nicht begehen kann.

Sie lebt in einer Zeit,
einer kurzen Zeit,
einer Zeit,
an der man nichts ändern kann.

Sie ist.

She has a name,
An ancient name,
A name,
Which one can not say.

She is an act,
An eternal act,
an act,
Which you can not commit.

She lives in a time,
A short time,
A time,
When you can not change anything.

She is.

Ella tiene un nombre,
un nombre antiguo,
un nombre,
no se puede decir.

Ella es un hecho,
un hecho eterno,
un acto,
usted no puede comprometerse.

Ella vive en un momento
un corto tiempo,
una vez
donde se puede cambiar nada.

Ella es.


Screaming Silence – I, the Realtuber

My people,

I hope you are doing well as I do perfectly. It was one of the best decisions in my life to publish in English. Because now I see how cultural values got lost here in Germany. I write since the age of 12. I promote noncommercial Radioshows since 2003. And I always wondered why there is no feedback. I understand now. Things are global. I am fearless.

If this means I have to read in English or learn Spanish, what I actually do at a public school, I do this. I uploaded nearly 50 videos on my Youtube to now containing Poetry, Performance Art, Jokes, Comedy, Pictures and my whole love to the arts. Its great, how i find feedback there. Youtube can be cool, if its not blinking and screaming at yours. You can be the new medias.

I want you to realize your powers, you can choose if you take a look at the “news”, the new movietrailer or another series, thats ok, but open your eyes to things happening around. You will loose people, but them you win are worth it. 150% worth it. I don’t dare my past a glimpse, but I do dare my future a lot. I am going to Chalchuapa, a city in El Salvador. I find my Mayan Princess and the death I dreamt about. Join Joni – join me, join ourselves.

In full love, J



New category: English.

I thought about it and concluded. It is worth a message: I hereby open the category English.

Easy me go with bad english trying to connect my world. Often it feels like my real friends – the ones which understand my behaviour – are spread all over the world. Yeah, maybe I am a wicked one. Capturing the world as global. Trusting an english I learnt by growing in this world. Transferring my ideas as an artist on word and sound in a foreign language.

I see dialects as masks and words as signs.

“Life is one big road with a lot of signs. Signs and more signs. You’ve got to make up your mind to face reality all the time.” Badmarsh & Shri – Signs

I won’t beg ya to learn german. I don’t wanna enforce my french and spanish speaking mates, or portuguese or japanese, whether chinese nor indian. Don’t forget them african. Small world theory – i follow that path.

Thank you for participating.


Energy tree – Something I can do

I am really impressed by the developing functions of modern smartphones and pads. May I sound like a Grandpa. So when I got my first smartphone gifted by a friend, after I had killed my last oldschool phone, I felt into a world of apps and digital possibilities. Not feeling bad about this. But one thing brought me to limits: Energy. So I had to recharge constantly. I was the searcher for sockets. Then moment of truth happened…

On a yearly meeting of Radio Blau activists a ChaosComputerClub-associated guy put out a powerbank, a battery pack that could recharge via usb and charge usb-powered devices. ‘This is what I need’, I thought.

Not even imagining the possibilities to shoot up usb-rockets MOBILE or cooling my juice in the usb-FRIDGE I would carry in my bag. What about battery pack HANDWARMERS and all that technological luxury? You’ll find it in the next geek-store, if you really go crazy on this. But I flipped the switch.

What about a solar pack, I could tie on my bag while walking in park? I am walking a lot… How many Watts got modern solar packs? Are there vids of crazy hightec-outdoor-action guys pushing these borders? Yes, yes and triple yes, it’s easy like sunshine. One can reload all common batteries by solar packs, even those mighty ‘I’ll recharge your Laptop 3 times’-packs.

I invested in a foldable 21 Watt solarcell with 2 usb-out, which load a battery and my smartphone on the run.  The battery could load my phone 10 times. Eyelets and carbines fix it on my bag. I am happy. I love mathematics and I know, if i am sparing 10% of my costs of energy, I spare a lot. I don’t wanna renounce modern technology, but I wanna act with sustainability. Maybe I am just tricked by marketing.

I predict alternative and independent production of energy will change world’s face and hopefully bankrupt some (how I would call it poetically) suckers of the sun. Everyone has the right to consume a minimum of energy on life and culture privately without paying money. German social plans recognize this.

img_20160502_103039.jpgIn the middleages German villages had the ‘Allmende‘ (English: commons), a place that belongs to all, whose fruits anyone of the villagers could eat and whose old trees warmed the houses. I dont wanna dissolute, but in industrial european cities this sounds like retroromantic. There are no more common spaces, maybe some safespaces, but mostly private space.

Think of it, the sun, the water and the wind are still free. Somehow it feels like if you get solar cells, you will plant an energy tree…

Participate in the free-energy-movement maybe.