Poem: I Hate Freedom (i)

img_2321Gosh, how I hate freedom…

Freedom of choice,
take this or that
be thin, be fat…

Freedom of work,
do or do not
spend time with stuff…

Freedom of love,
share your emotions
out of an bottomless bag…

Freedom of mind,
Struggle of life
or easyness of returning…

Gosh, how I hate freedom
and the feeling
of regretting
nothing. (i)


Recommendation: Righteous Comic

Nowadays even comics can be published digitally and a European, who red anarchist “Asterix”, knows: Comics are for all kinds of age. I would even say, don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like comics. Cause they stand for joy of life. 

I am actually very impressed by a project called “Righteous“, telling the abstract and surrealistic story of what would happen if everyone would wake up one day committed to do the right things. Whatever means right…

Kevmo visualizes a world with free animals, worldwide food sharing, supporting people and politicians deciding to act on citizens, not industrial complexes. Even KKK is simply disbanded. Love it.

Take a look here on becomics, a page where you find different animated comicstrips, like Righteous, a free webcomic dedicated to humanity.

For me personally an impressive and brave story. Easy but heavy. Surreal but true. I support the project by giving graphic designs and translating it into German. Proudly. Thanks to Kevmo and his team, this is just awesome. Some have to make first steps! Follow them.