“Act Acting Act” by Nikaee

Fantastic abstract organics by Nikaee from Switzerland…


Stop thinking, doubting,
Start acting. Get off your clothes,
Get off your pale skin. (jf)

“Act Acting Act” by Nikaee
Picture byNikaee, haiku by Jonathan.

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“Acts Of Kindness” by iKatch

I see, I catch, I sugar. Welcome, ikatch, in our magazine. Is this visual upcycling?


In 200 years
AIs finally will get
The full right to vote. (jf)

“Acts Of Kindness” by iKatch

Picture byiKatch. Text by Jonathan Falk.

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“Heart Grid” by Jordan Bakare

Get clustered! It’s your decision where to make home in distances.


“Heart Grid” by Jordan Bakare

Picture and words byJordan Bakare.

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“The Visionary Distance” by Ruth Coleman

Dreaming is creating reality. That‘s why reality should never end dreaming. Or we will all vanish in a black hole instead of riding rainbows.


“I got a vision:
Humans will fly!” – “Maestro
Da Vinci, calm down.” (jf)

“The Visionary Distance” by Ruth Coleman

Picture & title by Ruth, haiku by Jonathan.

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“Acts Of Kindness” by Jonathan Falk

This is the beginning, Year 0002 on #isugarmag. Those acts of kindness are here. Pack your bags, we meet at heart.


Be kind to yourself.
The struggle continues with
Or without your help.

“Scars” by Jonathan Falk

Be kind to your loves.
The days of infection may
Take them all, not love.

“Wooden Meaning” by Jonathan Falk

Be kind to chaos.
Bring structure, be ant, know where
To put your needle.

“One Of Some” by Jonathan Falk

A warm welcome to Isugar Magazine 2018, topic “Acts Of Kindness”. May they appear. May they be ours.

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“Mouse Grey” by bm3poetic

Some last thoughts on topic “mouse grey” by bm3poetic. Thanks a lot for sharing your art. This was an amazing project magazine in 2017. Thanks all participants.


Covers pulled up tight
Winter blanketing my view
Haze hanging
On the horizon

Time to feel merry
But all I feel is blue
Brushing away icicles

Encircling my heart
Breathing fire across
My veins

Memories of childhood
Lost behind a layer
Of dust

Sadness clinging in the crevices
Footprints across my soul

“Mouse Grey” by bm3poetic

Text and picture by bm3poetic. Click the picture.

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“Raziel” by François Morvillier

Send me an angel… Oh, thanks. François presents a bnw piece short time before Christmas, which is holy geometry and visual candy.


“Raziel” by François Morvillier

Come for a visit.
This is god’s house. The devil
Only owns the lands. (jf)

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