(Self) Seeker – Noirin & Lyra

Love is egoism. All nature is looking for love. Still it is the greatest thing of all. How to become altruistic? How to love without a reason? How to overcome all times’ decay?


So many roses…
So many thoughts about you…
So many kisses I feel on my lips…
So many love the show…
But in the end every blossom is an egoist.

“(Self) Seeker” by Noirin & Lyra

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“Stargazer” – Evamaria Freshmaker

Family, this is an ambivalent thing. Some are yours intentionally, some you find on the way. Chase the stars and the stars will chase you.


Holding your hand to the last breathe, while you are leaving your shadows behind, let me understand. Let me forgive. Let me forget. Let me love, whereas you start to dance with the stars in the moonlight.

“Stargazer” by Evamaria Freshmaker

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My Exhibition At Microworksmedia

I remember the days I was photoshooting in “GTA3” and sitting in “Second Life” hotels discussing about poetry. Art has always been part of so called digital revolution. Let me show you an interesting project.

Microworksmedia’s (“Visual authoring resources for brand experience designers”) project is based on the idea of showing digital graphic art in a virtual gallery room. Like in Google Streetview you can turn and zoom your views on digital art made by an independent artist. With including music a real-life gallery experience is created. And you can visit the room from all over the world, as it’s based in web.

Franck, the maker of microworksmedia, also works as an artist and digital designer. He is hosting tutorials about digital design on his homepage, he tells you about meta-realism and tries to bridge the gap from old-fashioned to new media art. Take a look.

When I found his works on Instagram I was fascinated. These galleries are an easy idea, but they are realized in a lovely, contemporary and on-time way. So I followed his page giving some feedback. I was really happy when he asked: We would like to feature your work, is this ok? Sure it is! I was honoured.

So I can hereby proudly announce my first digital exhibition. Find it here, or click on pics in this article, it will be online minimum a week. Franck chose mainly abstract mirrorart designs, but you will also find some opart and photoedits. I want to thank him gratefully and also Mary alias momfrantz_fx for giving permission to use some of her original pics as part of editing challenges. 

I would be happy about any feedback, which makes me grow with my art. I am really proud I could take this step into public and I would never have believed what apps like mirrorlab and groups like fx_hdr, bpa_arts or lightedlight would make with me and my art. I started photography and digital editing one and a half year ago, now I am exhibiting and planning next steps. 

I hope you enjoy the fun. Thanks for all your love, help and feedback. The new world is conquered, and it is as beautiful as we believe the past must have been. Find all my works in my Instagram.

“Lavanda” – Ezequiel Piola

We are loosing all we loved. We are winning the darkness and the opportunity to find the values behind. It’s a hard job but all we can do.


In blur and contrast
It was never easy to
Find the right outlines. (jf)

“Lavanda” by Ezequiel Piola

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“Lavender Bloom” – Various Works Of Eugenia Bellodi

Life is a compilation of reactions. Sometimes its #monochrome like daily #struggle, sometimes like a rainbow between sun and rain. We try to find #methapors. We create the #recreation.
Eugenia has sent in various pieces on topic “Lavender Bloom”. Find the first three and an additional poem by me on #isugarmag.


With closed eyes I saw
Fishes swimming to the night
Into lunar lights.

“Dreams Of Fishes” by Eugenia Bellodi

Is this my brain that
Messes my sick perception
Or just illusion?

“Fragmented Brain” by Eugenia Bellodi

Fishes may be my
Leaders and in the moon lie
Long lost comradeship.

“The Solitary Moon Is Mine” by Eugenia Bellodi

Pictures by Eugenia Bellodi, poem by Jonathan Falk.

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“Lavender Bloom” – Nikaee

As a hopeful romantic I see the beauty of nature, and the highest joys in loving the and in the nature. Lavender fields forever, a hypnose in mild purple, water in the smoke…


Felt in fields of lust.
Touches softer than south wind,
Lavender kisses. (jf)

“Lavender Bloom” by Nikaee

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“Two Ships” – Leslie Mann

Les is the new one. He sailed from continent to continent to find a new home. Home is where you lay your head down, someone said. I am happy we share that hostel here…


One didn’t leave home.
One went to paradise and
Was never seen ‘gain.

“Two Ships” by Leslie Mann

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