“Decisions and Consequences” by Ezequiel Piola

Gliding through the waves of time, memories are itching. Don‘t scratch or old wounds will open again. Stay in present, push the borders, listen to your heart, not the devilish reflections.


Like a piano
On a HipHop tune, we give
Flavour to the beat. (jf)

“Decisions and Consequences I” by Ezequiel Piola

Like a broken drum
We still give rhythm to noise,
Breaks to melodies. (jf)

“Decisions and Consequences II” by Ezequiel Piola

Pictures by Ezequiel Piola, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Why We Are Here” by Mietzekatze3847

I wish they could see the fear they spread… this right here is paradise, and they spoil it with their ignorance, fill it with their egoistic needs. I see a different possibility, I see the love.


Just love.

This we ALL have in common, every single person. Like this we are all united, without borders, hate, anger, exclusion…

These turn difficulties into horror. And arrogance, dominance and ignorance are the course to hell.

“Why We Are Here” by Mietzekatze3847

Picture and words by Mietzekatze3847.

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“Ceremony of the New Sun” by Solar Animal

The celebration of light is found in all cultures. As well the celebration of darkness is around. Let me say: It’s not cool to choose the dark side, even if lightsabers look better.


From all directions
Light enters the scene, darkness
Slips to memory. (jf)

“Ceremony of the New Sun” by Solar Animal

Picture by Solar Animal, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Transcellular Energy Exchange” by Evamaria Freshmaker

Sharing is caring and bird is the word…


The feather: Bird’s sword.
The bug: Bird’s food. The sun: Bird’s
Map. The Human: Bird. (jf)

“Transcellular Energy Exchange” by Evamaria Freshmaker

Picture by Evamaria Freshmaker, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Why Are We Here?” by Jeni G

It’s good you thought it all over, it’s ok you don’t have a clue. Maybe there is no reason, just time to reflect experiences.


“Why Are We Here?” by Jeni G

Picture and poetry by Jeni G.

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“Universal I” by François Morvillier

A million possibilities are roaming around. You need to grab the falling leafs, a strange sound of horns in background.


Parallel worlds are
Easy to explain to you
But hard to conquer. (jf)

“Universal I” by François Morvillier

Picture by François Morvillier, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Why Are We Here” by Mike Hundeshagen

You followed the line of existence and found an axiom. Maybe this is the truth, maybe you dismissed all responsibility. We will know at death.


Why are we here?
Caged in fragile body’s
Strapped in skinny skinny membranes
Of thousands and millions of cells
Manifested in mater, slow energy
Inaudible frequencies, but visible
Touchable, so we could touch ourselves
Feel us, experiencing our inner core
To being more than changing fractals
Being more than light
Being more than darkness
Being more than a question:
Why are we here?
Cause the answer is divine
And it lays inside
We are here!

“Why Are We Here” by Mike Hundeshagen

Picture and poetry by Mike Hundeshagen.

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