“Once In A Lifetime” by Ezequiel Piola

Happy birthday, lover from Argentina. In our digital nutshell we sail on the ocean of creativity together. Nothing could ever split us apart, room is illusion, time is illusion, now is the second.


Toda la lucha
Se cayó de su alma en un breve
Segundo. Él era libre.

The whole fight fell from
His soul in a brief
Second. He was free.

Alles Kämpfen fiel
Ab von seiner Seele in einer kurzen
Sekunde. Er war frei. (jf)

“Once In A Lifetime” by Ezequiel Piola

Picture by Ezequiel Piola, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Traveling Without Moving” by Rubén Darío Lombardozzi

A tunnel of perception… why is free movement expensive? We built the streets, the towns, even the landscapes, why are they private property? Is private property maybe a deal with the devil? Can we own anything without owning ourselves? Thoughts leading into a forest…


Public transport should
Be for free. On the road we
Are, the travelers. (jf)

“Traveling Without Moving” by Rubén Darío Lombardozzi

Picture by Rubén Darío Lombardozzi, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Third Contact” by TFCWB

We needed some meetings to get to know each other. We needed facial expression, the sound of voice, a touch of skin. Like scared birds we need several attempts to finally land on our hands. Relationships are difficult, but they define humanity.


First was about who…
Second about how and where…
On third I brought gifts… (jf)

“Third Contact” by TFCWB

Picture by TFCWB, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Choices” by Jeni G.

The free choice, a contemporary illusion, or why we are damned to freedom… I learnt the choice is no choice. Decision and struggling, both are no choices, they are acts, expressions of inner movements and monologs.


“Choices” by Jeni G.

Picture and poetry by Jeni G.

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“Never Again” by Ruth Coleman

The eternal flow, the pressure of quants, the juices of the beast, they can not be stopped, no negotiations, no contracts, just life with its bittersweet performance, be comfortable in your nest of time.


The wheel of time can not be
Stopped by sabotage. (jf)

“Never Again” by Ruth Coleman

Picture by Ruth Coleman, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Once In A Lifetime” by Andy Brooks

You never thought about snowboarding in desert, climbing mountains of Mars or making love at borders of universe? Now you did…


High on spices I
Ride into your desert storm,
Sleeper with his worm. (jf)

“Once In A Lifetime” by Andy Brooks

Picture by Andy Brooks, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Delirium” by Reha

Don’t explain, don’t argue, accept the fact I want your love to be yours, not mine. A raw diamond I am. I seem to be a stone, seen from the outside. Love is inside, a scene, and I would never break just to explain.



i vividly remember –
building castles in air
entering doorways through a light beam
meeting strangers with familiar eyes
i remember it all too well

neither a dream
nor cognitive distortions
maybe this is the world
i’ve always belonged to

where you stamped
the castles, as failures
the doorways, as heartbreaks
the eyes, an ethereal illusion

but darling all this while
you were the moon in delirium
and i the sunlight,
hoping one day
you’d find your own light.


“Delirium Design” by Jonathan Falk

Poetry by Reha, picture by Jonathan.

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