“Soft Abduction” – Ruth Coleman

Soft and gently art moves us. The circus of life is a funny place to be, join the madness, look, listen and learn and find truth in Ruth’s art.


The storm’s seduction
Gently moves the cherry tree
Until it breaks its life. (jf)

“Soft Abduction” by Ruth Coleman

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“Fairy Tale I” – François Morvillier

The master of manipulation strikes again. Is coding an art? Its a language, so François is a poet from inside with a ghost in the shell. Whats inside those hidden castles? Lets find out and dance with the elves…


Special kids with skills:
Dragon slayer, shape shifter,
The infrared, us. (jf)

“Fairy Tale I” by François Morvillier

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“Frog Cup” – Ezequiel Piola

The easiest ideas are best. Do you have a frog cup at home? Ezequiel got one, so praise this beautiful edit of a surreal reality. Some more coffee?


Some search in the cup
For a frog. Some are the frog.
Some drink from frog cups.

“Frog Cup” by Ezequiel Piola

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German Poem: “Alles Leicht”

Alles leicht,
Selbst das Lieben
Der letzten Tänzer
In einer dunklen Nacht.

Unkt am weichen Wegrand
Eine Kröte oder Knallfrosch
Vom Vergehen jedes
Und wir gehen.

Lenkt das Wasser
Meinen Weg,
Unser Jahrtausend
Wird versinken.

Wie wir in uns
Und einmal,
Schreist du es heraus
Ins Schwarze.

Ich will frei sein
Und gebunden
An den Ring,
An ein leuchtend Schicksal,
An diesen Berg,
Der du zu sein scheinst,

Zeilen flattern,
Flüge graben unstet
Wälle in den Himmel,
Welcher weint.

Was ist abstrakt,
Wenn alles leicht ist,
Selbst das Lieben
Eine Kunst
Im Imperfekt.

Die Kinder
In den Kirschbaum.

Für JS / 18.6.2017

“Abducted” – Rubén Darío Lombardozzi

Abstract photography of Rubén… What is it, and where and why? Don’t abduct your senses, trust them…


Most of us abduct
Themselves into oblivion
Of not being real. (jf)

“Abducted” by Rubén Darío Lombardozzi

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“Dare To Play” – Reha

“The only real aim is to play every game. To try your guts out, no matter how hard it seems. For at the end of day the only winner is the one who tried and everyone else celebrates defeat.” Reha. Nothing more to say…


The one who comes last in the race wins as much as the one who crosses the line first. The only loser is the one who never dares to cross the starting line. One who always loves to cheer from the stands. Who can find a hundred reasons to slip through the back door but not a single reason to be the frontrunner. Who’d relentlessly suffer, hiding in shadows yet won’t show up on the starting line, fearing what if he fails!

And honestly speaking, somehow this person resides in everyone of us, in some nook and corner, playing hide and seek from time to time. Neither strong nor weak, always eclipsed between the dawn of heart and dusk of mind. Desperately awaiting the single moment when your guts go weak and self esteem beats slow, and that is when you stop.

You think it’s okay to stop sometimes, to…

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“Controversy Perception” – Eva Maria Fresh Maker

Perception is a riddle. Everyone sees different colors and feels individual emotions. So where is the meeting point? Just mix it and watch how it explodes.


We ARE the green squibs!
Emerald, Sapphire and Jade,
Mix us to go BOOM. (jf)

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