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Hey colorful guys and gyals, 

I created a new blog to sort and promote my abstract digital art, mainly Mandalas, but also tunnels, logos and other mathematical pieces. Really nice to look at and somehow I seam to be really good in it (if I analyze other digital Mandala-maker). 

Love to read your feedback. Cooperations or request in any form are heavily wished by me. Have a good day and keep on smiling.

Mandaliac – Mindful Digital Mandalas


New category: English.

I thought about it and concluded. It is worth a message: I hereby open the category English.

Easy me go with bad english trying to connect my world. Often it feels like my real friends – the ones which understand my behaviour – are spread all over the world. Yeah, maybe I am a wicked one. Capturing the world as global. Trusting an english I learnt by growing in this world. Transferring my ideas as an artist on word and sound in a foreign language.

I see dialects as masks and words as signs.

“Life is one big road with a lot of signs. Signs and more signs. You’ve got to make up your mind to face reality all the time.” Badmarsh & Shri – Signs

I won’t beg ya to learn german. I don’t wanna enforce my french and spanish speaking mates, or portuguese or japanese, whether chinese nor indian. Don’t forget them african. Small world theory – i follow that path.

Thank you for participating.

Mit Herz und Seele lektoriere ich viele Beiträge dieses Blogs. Es l…

Mit Herz und Seele lektoriere ich viele Beiträge dieses Blogs. Es lebt sich traumhaft im 520universum mit Kulturkritik, Musikvideos und vielen kreativen und echten Momente. Klickt’s mal rein, ihr werdet es nicht bereuen!

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