App Review: Bottly

I am always looking for great new apps. This is not an addiction (Can making art be an addiction?) but a great way to conquer the unknown land we call “the global internet”. Mainly I dig for artists’ apps but sometimes I try social and gaming apps as well. That’s why I found Bottly for iOS.

Click for app “Bottly”!

I think many of us dreamt of sending and recieving messages in a bottle thrown in sea back in childhood, but just a few of us lived at seaside or ever had opportunity to find a message in a bottle.

Concept of the app is based on small world phenomena. How small is world nowadays? It’s tiny I would say. Get in contact with people all around the world or just send some words anonymously, as you please.

I sent some bottles and half of recieving people contacted me, also the developer. What a pleasure. It feels like talking through a long tube, ones can’t see each other, still can not stop to yell something inside.

I kindly advise to give it a try and create an own bottle map. Build bridges, not walls! May this app have a great future and never forget, virtual glass can not break!


kalaz – trapico EP released

kalaz – trapico EP

dubby, electronic, contemporary




thx4support: Jessica Marisol Flores, Kristiane Macke & my parents.



All tunes downloadable. Appreciate!

Ein bisschen Sunshinefeeling muss doch drin sein

Heute ist DSDS-Finale. Dazu dieser satirische Kommentar in Songform. “Ich mag Reggae nicht…”

520 Universum

Deutschland sucht das Sunshinefeeling – suchst auch du? Und magst du Reggae? Und was hat Michelle dazu zu sagen? Und warum baut LeoVibez so fluffige Riddims? Hör’ da mal rein, ist schön hier, oder nicht? Eine Liebe

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New Music: Immanuel Kush “Town Of Love”

massaiImmanuel Kush is gonna release a new EP “Town Of Love” on the 5th of May containing 7 tunes full of love, hope and soul, every tune is produced by himself using free instrumentals.

I’m following him for 12 years now, so I’m really in love with his sound. He always recreates himself with new sounds as a wanderer through worlds. Born in the Mansfelder Land, same flat German countryside my father was born in, he left to somewhere in Africa, I think.

And you can’t miss his development as an artist. When he told me ’bout the new songs, I decided to feature it in my radioshow tomorrow. So get prepared for the new songs and tune in on Radio Blau on 4pm, the 1st of May, or relisten on my Mixcloud & get connected on his Facebook-Channel, so you won’t miss the download on 5th of May. I won’t spoil…

In case you ax: It’s a onelove-thing.

TOP 10 MUSIKVIDEOS „mit und zum Geburtstag #2

Schmeiß’ die Fuffis durch den Club, es ist mein Birsdai….

520 Universum

Weil heute du Geburtstag hast, da hab ich mir gedacht, ich schreibe dir einen 520Universums-Geburstags-Musikvideo-Link, damit dir das Freude macht. Ich finde ja, jeder Tag des Jahres sollte ein paar Minuten wie Geburtstag sein. Auch muss ich gestehen: ich beneide manchmal Menschen, die im Sommer Geburtstag haben. Kann ja nicht jeder Queen sein und bis dahin sein Fest verschieben. Überhaupt, es soll ja auch Menschen geben, die ihren Erdentag lieber verheimlichen, im Stillen feiern oder zu zweit. Jeder, wie er mag, es folgen zehn Beispiele, wobei jetzt anzumerken wäre: nicht alle eignen sich zum Nachmachen für zu Hause, jedoch sehens- und hörenswert sind sie alle.

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TOP 10 MUSIKVIDEOS „aus und mit der DDR #1“

Kenne deine Geschichte! Oder: Wie in der DDR Musikvideos aussahen…

520 Universum

Die Puhdys wurden mit einem Echo für ihr Lebenswerk soeben geehrt. Zurecht – einer der größten Musikexporte der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik (1949 – 1990) mit ausstehender Rocker-Rente.

Man zweifelte auch in der DDR stark an moderner Popmusik, der Beat war mies 😉 und das „Yeahyeahyeah“ monotoner Dreck.

Videos waren genormt und experimentell und zumeist Fernsehsendungen wie ‘Bong!’ vorbehalten. Eine persönlichere Liste mit Songs, die mich in der DDR erreicht haben, soll folgen. Diesmal dreht es sich um eine Auswahl (zugegeben eine kleine, erste Auswahl) Stars und Sternchen, die in der DDR verfilmt und staatlich abgenommen wurden, oder lediglich eine Spielerlaubnis hatten. Erinnerung und Andenken an vergangene Zeiten. Gute und schlechte…

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Lyrics of “Yaw Faso – Life Is So”

When this tune was released a week ago, lyrics touched me a lot. Whole song still touching… so I asked Dubsy the day before yesterday, who made the sweet riddim, for a contact to Yaw Faso. I got that two hours ago, so wrote to Yaw, and, quick guy, here they are: the lyrics! Thanks to you both a lot, this is content fi real… Reader, I hope you understand my feelings and like the tune as much as I do…

Yaw Faso – Life Is So

I live it my way, never following a book
Eyes wide, lookin ’round perimeters
Mind are limitless, move with your instinct
Don’t follow, if you do, then you being sick
Temptations, the weak points that destroy nations
So don’t let it destroy you, or death is waiting
A message to my self, continue the art that’s baking
Realism, never be the one thats faking
I’m not moving in the name of a religion
I base my movements on the name of my decisions
Not a sheep boy following the masses, majority
I claim authority, dictate my own thoughts, open up my own doors,
hoping I don’t fall short (ahh shit, i like it)
On the daily, everywhere I’m seeing mental slavery
It’s crazy, the amount of shit that’s so shady
In hard times, It’s me who can truly save me
I close my eyes and reach for internal bravery.
The world keep, believing in illusions
I see no public improvement
But still, I’m working a personal movement
Body and soul, I work with the fusion

Scary is life, scary is life ehh! scary is life.
Scary is life, life is so frightening ooo.
Scary is life, scary is life ehh! life is so frightening.
Scary is life, scary is life– ehh!
I just walk where my mind say I should go.

I was born to see, given a pair of working eyes,
but what’s the point of sight, if you’re fuckin mind is blind?
So I look at mental correction when necessary,
Cos when I start to lose it, ah fam, its very scary.
The clock ever ticken, it only a matter of time.
Without any logic, you’ll be left behind.
It’s been established, the world may never ever see,
Minds corrupted, fucked up and interrupted.
And now money controls us, shit’s far from heavenly.
The major powers, institutions, they have all fucked us.
We’re all suckers, watch while system bleeds us,
they say believe us, and when with have faith, they leave us.
Interpret how want to, this circuit’s not for blind fools
rip of the blind fold, stop making blind moves
But if you want to shine shoes cause you’re told to,
by all means, live like a slave to the shit that decays you.

Scary is life, scary is life ehh! scary is life.
Scary is life, life is so frightening ooo.
Scary is life, scary is life ehh! life is so frightening.
Scary is life, scary is life– ehh!
I just walk where my mind say I should go.

I just walk where my mind say I should go!
Watch your back when your moving.
What’s a fact until proven?
You let another think for you, then you’re losing.

Watch your back when your moving.
What’s a fact until proven?
You let another think for you, then you’re losing.

Yaw Faso



P.S. 3 hours ago a new collaborative tune was released… Boom!