My Exhibition At Microworksmedia

I remember the days I was photoshooting in “GTA3” and sitting in “Second Life” hotels discussing about poetry. Art has always been part of so called digital revolution. Let me show you an interesting project.

Microworksmedia’s (“Visual authoring resources for brand experience designers”) project is based on the idea of showing digital graphic art in a virtual gallery room. Like in Google Streetview you can turn and zoom your views on digital art made by an independent artist. With including music a real-life gallery experience is created. And you can visit the room from all over the world, as it’s based in web.

Franck, the maker of microworksmedia, also works as an artist and digital designer. He is hosting tutorials about digital design on his homepage, he tells you about meta-realism and tries to bridge the gap from old-fashioned to new media art. Take a look.

When I found his works on Instagram I was fascinated. These galleries are an easy idea, but they are realized in a lovely, contemporary and on-time way. So I followed his page giving some feedback. I was really happy when he asked: We would like to feature your work, is this ok? Sure it is! I was honoured.

So I can hereby proudly announce my first digital exhibition. Find it here, or click on pics in this article, it will be online minimum a week. Franck chose mainly abstract mirrorart designs, but you will also find some opart and photoedits. I want to thank him gratefully and also Mary alias momfrantz_fx for giving permission to use some of her original pics as part of editing challenges. 

I would be happy about any feedback, which makes me grow with my art. I am really proud I could take this step into public and I would never have believed what apps like mirrorlab and groups like fx_hdr, bpa_arts or lightedlight would make with me and my art. I started photography and digital editing one and a half year ago, now I am exhibiting and planning next steps. 

I hope you enjoy the fun. Thanks for all your love, help and feedback. The new world is conquered, and it is as beautiful as we believe the past must have been. Find all my works in my Instagram.


HaikuJam meets Instagram

Today is Poetryday. So let me show the first results of my maniac haiku’ing via HaikuJam hitting Instagram HiQ-Filter-Tec. I call it “Crossmedia”. Get creative and leave a li(n)e.

Dada-Poem: Herr Tillich reist pflichtbewußt durch Sachsen und bringt alles durcheinander


lvz tweet tillich

Herr Tillich reist pflichtbewußt durch Sachsen und bringt alles durcheinander

Laut Stanislaw Tillich sind Sachsens Bürger
gegen den Rechten Mob im Freistaat in der Pflicht.

Laut Sachsens Bürgern ist Stanislaw Tillich
gegen den Freistaat im Rechten Mob in der Pflicht.

Laut Rechtem Mob sind Sachsens Bürger
gegen Stanislaw Tillich im Freistaat in der Pflicht.

Laut Freistatt sind Sachsens Bürger
gegen den Rechten Mob in Stanislaw Tillich in der Pflicht.

Wie seht ihr das?

23.02.2016 (jfk)

Ich hab nen kleinen #youtube -Kanal und das hier ist mein bislang s…

Ich hab nen kleinen #youtube -Kanal und das hier ist mein bislang schönstes #Lyrics#Video zu kalaz feat #Manja “Runstay” . >>