iSugarMagazine Finale: A Last Collection.

Thanks to all my friends and artists. iSugarMagazin finally did it. Two years of digital art collection and global connection. So much awesome art happened, thanks again to all contributors and supporters. A great new year will come. Enjoy your time and keep in touch.


Lets celebrate the
Time we never had.

Facing Truth I by Mietzekatze3847

With flowers
Ways were laid.

Scene from Enfolded 4 by Jordan Bakare

Shining in the six-fold light

Listening to the hum of the subconscious symphony


Infinit Mud by Rubén Darío Lombardozzi

Small world with
Bigger dreams.

Facing Truth II by Mietzekatze3847

Drink and eat and
Love and sleep.

A Lover’s Collection by Jordan Bakare

The door has opened to a new life you have created from every missed dream and unexpected triumph

Opened to a world where every moment is beyond your imaginings

It is only a step away

Now Enter


Facing Truth III by Mietzekatze3847

The way is the way.
Walkers walked.

Lover’s Collection by Ezequiel Piola

Some words came together,
Feelings were felt.

Facing Truth IV by Mietzekatze3847

Mix all colors,
They will be grey.

The Element of Desire by Ruth Coleman

But you…

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“Here’s Hoping” by Jordan Bakare

Colors, colors, only colors, our world will never be monochrome.


I can send you to a place of endless inspiration

And allow you to dance that divine dance in a flourishing garden of dreams

As long as you believe that there is light still living in the sole of your feet

“Here’s Hoping” by Jordan Bakare

Picture and poetry by Jordan Bakare.

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„Dawn“ by Nikaee

The Traumzauberbaum is growing in our garden.


A leaf of fire
Felt down a fat tree. Touched head,
Made my mind mad, see. (jf)

„Dawn“ by Nikaee

Picture by Nikaee, poetry by Jonathan.

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„Hope“ by François Morvillier

Our flight for glory led through dusty clouds of fear.


All structures broke when
I first met the hope and she
Smiling passed the rope. (jf)

„Hope“ by François Morvillier

Picture by François, poetry by Jonathan.

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“The Taste of Hope” by Ezequiel Piola

We are a band! Our instrument is hope.


The word is here, hope.
The eyes are clear. A near star,
Humans never far. (jf)

“The Taste of Hope” by Ezequiel Piola

Picture by Ezequiel, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Momentary Dimension” by Ruth Coleman

The wind of change tastes like hope.


Now I see sparkles
In yesterday’s dust and stars
In tomorrow’s clouds. (jf)

“Momentary Dimension” by Ruth Coleman

Picture by Ruth, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Looking Forward” by Evamaria Freshmaker

What is love, Baby, don’t hurt me…


We need to love now.
In the arms of truth we find
The warmth of silence. (jf)

“Looking Forward” by Evamaria Freshmaker

Picture by Evamaria, poetry by Jonathan.

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