“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola

Four pieces which penetrate the circle in your eye. An abstract extraordinaire by Ezequiel from Argentina.


“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola 1of4

“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola 2of4

“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola 3of4

“Mouse Grey” by Ezequiel Piola 4of4

Oily triangles
I throw into an ocean
Of sandy circles. (jf)

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“Neuronal Electricity” by Eugenia Bellodi

The complexity of thoughts VS the complexity of universe – who will win this battle of importance? Or are these two sides of the same medal?


“Neuronal Electricity” by Eugenia Bellodi

Sparks in flesh fire
high voltage thoughts to minds and
Recharge batteries. (JF)

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“Soul Songs” by Nikaee

Some white art by Nikaee.


Written in the snow
With a pale pen of water
A soul lays freezing. (jf)

“Soul Songs” by Nikaee

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“Mouse Grey” by Leslie Mann

Your colors doesn’t matter as long as you got contrasts. Mouse-grey days of joy may appear. Stay yolo, my rainbows.


The absence of light
Is part of late night. Later
Day is darkness’ child. (jf)

“Mouse Grey” by Leslie Mann

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“Smaller Shape” by Ruth Coleman

Welcome to a mouse grey December!


Your imperfections
Are obvious. The shape fits
Your disfunction well. (jf)

“Smaller Shape” by Ruth Coleman

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“Sun, Moon And Stars” by Nikaee

Does real beauty only exist on canvas? Why can’t we be free of doubts? What exactly is a wasted life? I see tomorrow’s glooming.


Sun burnt my skin and
Moon blinded my eyes. Stars watch
Me tripping around. (JF)

“Sun, Moon And Stars” by Nikaee

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“Dwarfs & Shadows” by Oliver Ritthaler

Between the contrasts, Oliver Ritthaler presents a long shadow and dwarven gold. Take a look at this funny combination of word and bnw-photography.


Dwarfs don’t give a f*ck about their long shadows
as long as they look into the light.

Dwarfs don’t give a sh*t about your meadows
as long as they can fight.

Dwarfs use explicit language.

“Dwarfs & Shadows” by Oliver Ritthaler

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