“The True Beauty of This Planet” by TFCWB

In the shadows life grows. This planet is a beauty and you have to look at darker spots to find truth, to find the hidden entities, which, define our surroundings. It’s the same with us, if we open that chest with all the old loveletters… dig to grow.


All colors are white.
No color is black. Beauty
Is found in contrasts. (jf)

“The True Beauty of This Planet” by t.f.c.w.b.

Photography by TFCWB, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Sketch of Rotating Sentiment” by Ruth Coleman

Who am I to judge your feelings? The power of belly, the might of heart, who is in charge? A silly leader still shows a way…


The right to feelings:
Even the judge trusts in his
Inner believings. (jf)

“Sketch of Rotating Sentiment” by Ruth Coleman

Picture by Ruth, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Don’t Stop Moments in a Mindless State” by Evamaria Freshmaker

Things happen. Humans are cosmic things. Action and reaction. Decisions and consequences.


Thunderstorms. Dark nights’
Waters washed the past away.
Lightning brought vision. (jf)

“Don’t Stop Moments in a Mindless State” by Evamaria Freshmaker

Picture by Evamaria, poetry by Jonathan.

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“The Butterfly Effect” by Jeni G.

The things belong together. Connections are everywhere. There is no singularity.


“The Butterfly Effect” by Jeni G.

Picture and poetry by Jeni G.

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“Stick to the Plan” by Andrés Patino

Welcome, Andrés, from Rio de Janeiro. Glad to have you here and thanks for contributing to iSugar with such unique art.


You come from behind.
I break through rusty front door.
Lets catch ourselves. (jf)

“Stick to the Plan” by Andrés Patino

Picture by Andrés, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Decisions & Consequences” by Mike Hundeshagen

Be on time and make a cool trick…


If I’m eating, then I’m eating.
If I’m drinking, then I’m drinking.
If I’m walking, then I’m walking.
If I’m listening, then I’m listening.
If I’m consistently, then I’m consistently.
If I’m inconsistently, then I’m inconsistently.
If I’m playing a fool, but know it, I’m a wise man.
If I’m playing the wise man and no one knows I’m a fool, I’m still a fool.
If I’m making decisions, then I’m making decisions.
But if I don’t making decisions, I already have made my decision.
So I decide to play just one role on this world. Me.
A multipersonal being between enlightenment and madness, dancing between light and darkness, a endless moment in the twilight.
That’s my decision.
And life is my consequence.

“Decisions & Consequences” by Mike Hundeshagen

Picture and poetry by Mike Hundeshagen.

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“Decisions & Consequences” by Jordan Bakare

The whirlwind of senses rushes through the brain. The choices we make, the worlds we create… Think carefully about your plan, plan your thoughts carefully, they all matter.


Myriads of choices
at crossroads across time

Find many troubled outcomes
all of them divine

“Decisions & Consequences” by Jordan Bakare

Picture and poetry by Jordan Bakare.

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