“Ying & Yang” – Rubén Darío Lombardozzi

The many faces of existence can be broken down to antagonists. There is no truth, there is a tension between extremes and an individuum willing to find balance.


Duality means
Things got many faces caused
By cybernetics. (jf)

“Ying & Yang” by Rubén Darío Lombardozzi

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“Expression” – Ruth Coleman

We need an expression of ourselves. We want to impress the surrounding. We don’t want to surpress anything. We love to press buttons… Follow us on new topic “Lavender Bloom” on iSugarMag with the work of Ruth first.


Languages were lost.
Our hands, smiles and deeds
Created it anew. (jf)

“Expression” by Ruth Coleman

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“Going D’accord” – Oliver Ritthaler & Jonathan Falk

Here we find the final collaboration of Oliver and me to “Sub Marine”. We hope you enjoy the ride.


The road was long. In most moments we fought boredom, didn’t we? And we won. So we are here. I won’t regret a thing. Like you.

Remember those days we pasted up stickers all over the town, some works still to see. Think of us djing in dark locations until sunrise (What happened there, stays there, oh, my beauties, oh, wet walls…). Or imagine how we performed poetry in front of the working ministry, including laughing unemployeds. This was my story but now it’s ours.

We got children. Some are ours. Some are loved the same. Or are older than we both together. I have no clue of what I am talking about, that’s why I am wiser. Come into my arms and feel warmth, sister, brother, forever alien insecurities.

May the future judge, some content analysing bots or just the dust in the wind. Our hearts pump, it’s their…

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“Shadows & Waves” – Eugenia Bellodi

100 posts on isugar magazine. With a big bang we should go down the stage. This is Eugenia Bellodi showing off her amazing editing skills, fragile beauty to move you on last posts to topic “sub marine”. “Lavender Bloom” is rising on August.


Shells they wear proudly
While waves willingly beckon
Them to undressing. (jf)

“Shadows & Waves” by Eugenia Bellodi

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“Low Hanging” – Eva Maria Freshmaker

My father always said, you can’t miss the train. There will always be another on. Or you have to walk. Things all need their time, no need to force them, or you will break your neck. Maybe their is nothing to miss, but the truth inside yourself. Maybe.


Low hanging thoughts rotate inside
tasteless and without any colors,
fading me away – should i really mistaken this?
our long deep conversations and dried tears,
our jokes about our human incompetency,
your always clear and direct spoken words,
which helped me to understand the unspoken.
I miss it.
I miss you.
This is going through and through
to know that our expectations
taking different directions.
Directions without the other one.

“Low Hanging” by Eva Maria Freshmaker

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“Wrong element or the phenomenon of the fish in the tree and the bird under water” – Nikaee 

You don’t feel like your element is fitting? Change it! Become an underwater cock or a flying fish. Nature agrees.


Elements for sale!
Everyone takes the one of
Partner to the right. (jf)

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“Overturned Horizon” – Noirin & Lyra

In this world’s matrix we all are cooled by the
waves of the sea. Sail with Yve on her work to topic “sub marine”.


overturned horizon

our dreams are real.
real to hold them.
to follow them.
like a paperboat.
a little sailer.

“Overturned Horizon” by Noirin & Lyra

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