“My Sign Is The Mistake” by Eugenia Bellodi

Most of mistakes we did, had happened with good intentions. We will need to apologize to ourselves only, if we like to excuse. Insecureties are keys to self-awareness. You won’t be mad, as long as you will still ask yourself, if you are.


I’d say: Fail to rise.
Learn to live and make mistakes.
Days will follow nights. (jf)

“My Sign Is The Mistake” by Eugenia Bellodi

Picture by Eugenia Bellodi, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Why-O-Why (Love is the Answer)” by Nikaee

The good old song told us about the truth. It is very obvious, that’s why we deny it the first time. Get used to it, get gentle, and don’t throw your chances away by knowledge and not by ignorance.


Hold my hands and say:
I didn’t expect a heat to
Melt my desires. (jf)

“Why-O-Why (Love is the Answer)” by Nikaee

Picture by Nikaee, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Why We Are Here” by Ezequiel Piola

Thoughts on existence can never go into the deepest depths, we have not gone through it once, even if we believe in being reborn.


No need to argue:
Right here, right now we find
The tables turning. (jf)

“Why We Are Here” by Ezequiel Piola

Picture by Ezequiel Piola, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Why Are We Here” by Ruth Coleman

Lost in my daydreams I am refreshed everywhere I go, even if it’s just a glitch in mind.


Why are we here – tormentor of my dreams
Eagerly I look for the logarithm
I felted obliged to admire the daydreams
Only this and caring

“Why Are We Here” by Ruth Coleman

Picture and poetry by Ruth Coleman.

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Multipoem: Wracks/Wrecks/Naufragios

Einen Augenschlag zu spät
Realisierte ich,
Wie ich mich verloren hatte
Im Ozean deiner Blicke.

Zu spät, durchnässt,
Um mich abzuwenden
Vom Sturm des Glücks,
Das mich umspülte.

Die Gegenwart
Der feuchten Erkenntnis
Schlage ich ein
Mit langen Wimpern.

Wie ein Reissverschluss
Verbinden sich
Unsere Schicksale
Surrend zum gegenseitigen Geschenk.

Halt mich!
Halt mitten drauf!
Halt mich nicht auf!

Kalte Wasser schlagen
An süße Küsten.
Wir sind Salz und Zucker,
Sinnliche Schiffe segelnd.

Die letzte Ration fressend
Trocknen auf blutleeren Lippen
Samtene Momente.
Der Kuss, der uns versenkt.

Verkeilte Wracks,
Von dem die Taucher sagen werden,
Ein Vorbild für die Nachwelt.

One eye-blow too late
I realized
How I lost myself
In the ocean of your looks.

Too late, soaked,
To turn away
From the storm of happiness,
That lapped me.

The presence
Of wet knowledge
I wrapped it
With long eyelashes.

Like a zipper
Our destinies
Connect themself, humming,
To a mutual gift.

Hold me!
Hold to the middle of it!
Do not stop me!

Cold waters hit
On sweet shores.
We are salt and sugar,
Sailing sensuous ships.

Eating the last ration
On bloodless lips
Velvet moments dry.
The kiss that sinks us.

Wedged wrecks,
Which the divers will call
A role model for posterity.

Un golpe de ojo demasiado tarde
me di cuenta
Cómo me perdí
En el océano de tu apariencia.

Demasiado tarde, empapado,
Dar la espalda
De la tormenta de la felicidad
Eso me lamió.

La presencia
De conocimiento mojado
Lo envolví
Con pestañas largas.

Como una cremallera
Nuestros destinos
Conéctese a sí mismo, tarareando,
Para un regalo mutuo.

Mantenga a la mitad de eso!
¡No me detengas!

Golpe de aguas frías
En orillas dulces.
Somos sal y azúcar,
Navegando barcos sensuales.

Comiendo la última ración
En labios sin sangre
Velvet momentos secos.
El beso que nos hunde

Naufragios enclavados,
Que los buzos llamarán
Un modelo a seguir para la posteridad.

Dears, I know the translations are not perfect, but I hope you can get an impression about my thoughts. It’s funny how translations change meanings in a way. Let me know every question.

“Fast Forward” by Oliver Ritthaler

The ways of the humans are filled with decisions and consequences. Don’t struggle, act and be alive in every situation.


When they brought me here
Madness had caught my thin nerves,
Silence was screaming.

“Fast Forward I” by Oliver Ritthaler

But then I found out
They all were lost in themselves,
Pushed by decisions.

“Fast Forward II” by Oliver Ritthaler

I sat down, I looked
Inside my soul and found out
Freedom is burden. (jf)

“Fast Forward III” by Oliver Ritthaler

Pictures by Oliver Ritthaler, poetry by Jonathan.

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“Forward Shore” by Jordan Bakare

The climax of fast forward: A lucky present.


Faker by faker:
Player may be her savor,
Not a naysayer.

Video by Jordan Bakare, poetry by Jonathan.

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