App Review: Bottly

I am always looking for great new apps. This is not an addiction (Can making art be an addiction?) but a great way to conquer the unknown land we call “the global internet”. Mainly I dig for artists’ apps but sometimes I try social and gaming apps as well. That’s why I found Bottly for iOS.

Click for app “Bottly”!

I think many of us dreamt of sending and recieving messages in a bottle thrown in sea back in childhood, but just a few of us lived at seaside or ever had opportunity to find a message in a bottle.

Concept of the app is based on small world phenomena. How small is world nowadays? It’s tiny I would say. Get in contact with people all around the world or just send some words anonymously, as you please.

I sent some bottles and half of recieving people contacted me, also the developer. What a pleasure. It feels like talking through a long tube, ones can’t see each other, still can not stop to yell something inside.

I kindly advise to give it a try and create an own bottle map. Build bridges, not walls! May this app have a great future and never forget, virtual glass can not break!


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