Take a number. Get in line. Please stay behind the person in front of you. It may get cold. The sun will answer your inquiries. But one after one. Don’t leave line. Or you have to go back to end. These trees just watch for your safety. Don’t eat, don’t drink, don’t shit in ways and always keep your nose clean. We hope you have time. Don’t howl to moon, it won’t help. Follow instructions or a membrane could tear. Concrete, stay closely, Grasshoppers, to me instantly!

Long I thought about what to do. Something had to happen. The trees were grinning at me. I could hear their stony roots calling. Be water, my friend, give light, my love. Creepy. They had a wide network. I took my axe. This one was a strange tree.

Sometimes I doubted. Had I decided on wrong profession? I still loved to be outside. Concrete jungle had always opened my hanging mind. Perhaps that’s why some entities suffered while I hit those victims. I draw a parallel to my own life: My eyes are their executioners, but somewhen their long faces will be mines.

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