Poetry: ‘Dear White People – Struggle’ by Immanuel Kush

dear white people – struggle

dear white people:

you don’t have no struggle

compare the last centuries
and how many black people
have been lynched, chased, torched
and killed,
just to be seen as equal by you

see, how many black people
have been muted, there tongues cut out
and mutilated
just because they spoke out the truth

see, how many families have been
threatened, attacked and family members disappeared
just because they spoke for the truth

its 60 years ago, when the Africans in America
where granted equal rights,
still they are killed by man and policeman without
any conviction

its 20 years ago when the apartheid broke
down in south Africa
still the brothers and sister have to life in
segregation and discrimination

400 years, you have taken the materials and valuables
of our mother continent and enslaved the people

80 years ago, they were announced to be free
still you are not gone, with your companies, banks
secret societies and politicians

but you’re yelling from something that yet not happened

dear white people, you don´t have no struggle


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