New category: English.

I thought about it and concluded. It is worth a message: I hereby open the category English.

Easy me go with bad english trying to connect my world. Often it feels like my real friends – the ones which understand my behaviour – are spread all over the world. Yeah, maybe I am a wicked one. Capturing the world as global. Trusting an english I learnt by growing in this world. Transferring my ideas as an artist on word and sound in a foreign language.

I see dialects as masks and words as signs.

“Life is one big road with a lot of signs. Signs and more signs. You’ve got to make up your mind to face reality all the time.” Badmarsh & Shri – Signs

I won’t beg ya to learn german. I don’t wanna enforce my french and spanish speaking mates, or portuguese or japanese, whether chinese nor indian. Don’t forget them african. Small world theory – i follow that path.

Thank you for participating.

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