I am really impressed by the developing functions of modern smartphones and pads. May I sound like a Grandpa. So when I got my first smartphone gifted by a friend, after I had killed my last oldschool phone, I felt into a world of apps and digital possibilities. Not feeling bad about this. But one thing brought me to limits: Energy. So I had to recharge constantly. I was the searcher for sockets. Then moment of truth happened…

On a yearly meeting of Radio Blau activists a ChaosComputerClub-associated guy put out a powerbank, a battery pack that could recharge via usb and charge usb-powered devices. ‘This is what I need’, I thought.

Not even imagining the possibilities to shoot up usb-rockets MOBILE or cooling my juice in the usb-FRIDGE I would carry in my bag. What about battery pack HANDWARMERS and all that technological luxury? You’ll find it in the next geek-store, if you really go crazy on this. But I flipped the switch.

What about a solar pack, I could tie on my bag while walking in park? I am walking a lot… How many Watts got modern solar packs? Are there vids of crazy hightec-outdoor-action guys pushing these borders? Yes, yes and triple yes, it’s easy like sunshine. One can reload all common batteries by solar packs, even those mighty ‘I’ll recharge your Laptop 3 times’-packs.

I invested in a foldable 21 Watt solarcell with 2 usb-out, which load a battery and my smartphone on the run.  The battery could load my phone 10 times. Eyelets and carbines fix it on my bag. I am happy. I love mathematics and I know, if i am sparing 10% of my costs of energy, I spare a lot. I don’t wanna renounce modern technology, but I wanna act with sustainability. Maybe I am just tricked by marketing.

I predict alternative and independent production of energy will change world’s face and hopefully bankrupt some (how I would call it poetically) suckers of the sun. Everyone has the right to consume a minimum of energy on life and culture privately without paying money. German social plans recognize this.

img_20160502_103039.jpgIn the middleages German villages had the ‘Allmende‘ (English: commons), a place that belongs to all, whose fruits anyone of the villagers could eat and whose old trees warmed the houses. I dont wanna dissolute, but in industrial european cities this sounds like retroromantic. There are no more common spaces, maybe some safespaces, but mostly private space.

Think of it, the sun, the water and the wind are still free. Somehow it feels like if you get solar cells, you will plant an energy tree…

Participate in the free-energy-movement maybe.


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