massaiImmanuel Kush is gonna release a new EP “Town Of Love” on the 5th of May containing 7 tunes full of love, hope and soul, every tune is produced by himself using free instrumentals.

I’m following him for 12 years now, so I’m really in love with his sound. He always recreates himself with new sounds as a wanderer through worlds. Born in the Mansfelder Land, same flat German countryside my father was born in, he left to somewhere in Africa, I think.

And you can’t miss his development as an artist. When he told me ’bout the new songs, I decided to feature it in my radioshow tomorrow. So get prepared for the new songs and tune in on Radio Blau on 4pm, the 1st of May, or relisten on my Mixcloud & get connected on his Facebook-Channel, so you won’t miss the download on 5th of May. I won’t spoil…

In case you ax: It’s a onelove-thing.


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