cover crystalzIt is what you are waiting for: KALAZ new EP called ‘CRYSTALZ’, 3 totally new tunes, 2 well-known MANJA-Collaboration plus the Slingting-Instrumental…

‘Medicracy’ is a stoney 140bpm stomper with a drugy feeling, like something felt into your drink.

‘Bros Beat’ is a hiphop-inspired breakbeat, which brings a flawless victory in the amen end.

‘Dunno” keeps it growling, like Drum’n’Bass in 2015 should be, pumping hard kicks without being ridiculous with the synthies.

If you follow my page on Soundcloud, you can download all the tunes. Instructions in the Soundcloud-links will lead to ToneDen.

Thank you for your support – share, like and link! Without you I’m nothing.

Big up and One Love.

Jonathan aka Kalaz

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